I'm making this webcomic in the hope that not only other countries discover the oddities about Spain but to show to my fellow compatriots the absurdity of some of our customs and to make them reflect about our politic life.

Some of the things I will post here will look humorous, but this things are happening, and I'm only using sarcasm and irony to depict them and show them to the world. They are less funny when you are ACTUALLY living here.

But if you were born in Spain and you do live in Spain why is this blog in English?

Well, to start with I think that one of the problems of my country is that we are extremely closed-minded with a lot of things. Language is one of those things, as a a big part of the population doesn't feel the need to learn or speak another language aside from their mothertongue. I see this as a big mistake, and fortunately people are changing their minds about it, but many Spaniards still feel dumb when trying to speak in English.

I'm not one of those people. I think I've studied enough English to be here in the internet sharing content without having to depend on google translator, and I don't see why would I decline the use of something that will make my comics reach more people.

Besides this is a blog criticising Spanish people, I don't think that the majority of the collectives I will "laugh at" will find it funny at all.

Can I reblog/re-post/retwitt some of the comics?

Oh, please, feel free to do it. That is the reason that twitter and facebook buttons are right on the sidebar of this site. But have in mind that all my works are under a Creative Commons license and that I do not allow any commercial use of my work without my express knowledge. And if you do reblog it would be very nice to be entitled as the author of this and giving a link to the source.

Thank you.